Ways to unlock Hip flexors for getting better mobility

There can be many obstacles that can come while doing daily workouts or exercises, One of them is the Hip flexors that comes into appearance while doing sit-ups, the basic form of exercise. It is a weird glitch that occurs in front of the hips while doing sit-ups. This weird pinching is clearly an obstacle or interference that interferes in the flow of exercise or daily workouts.

The group of 12 muscles namely psoas, iliacus, and Sartorius takes an active part in rising up of your thighs or in case of sit-up exercises that help you raise your chest to your thighs. These muscles are highly flexible but in some cases get overused and tend to shorten from sitting too much while doing the sit-up exercise.

Locked or Tightened Hip flexors

tight hip flexors

While doing the sit-ups or some sort of stretching exercises, the hip flexors get shortened, and when the hip flexors get shortened while overused by sitting too much then a glitch occurs that’s often painful. The psoas muscle is absolutely essential for every exercise and athletic movements including back squats.The Rick Kaselj unlock your hip flexors dvd video program has step by step proccess that help you to release hip flexors.

  • An exercise physiologist Rachel Straub says that tightness in the hip flexors is more concerning than the strength.
  • The Locked or tightened Hip flexors tilts the pelvis forward permanently leading to a condition called as “Lumbar lordosis” that causes inevitable pain in both knee and low back.
  • The Biomechanical problems arisen due to the tightening of Hip flexors need a surgery too.

Ways to unlock Hip flexors

            You may need to add some targeted stretching exercise in your daily exercise routine to unlock your hip flexors and loosen them in the normal mode.

Feet- hooked sit-ups is the better way of exercise to instant unlock of hip flexors. By doing these stretching exercises regularly you can unlock your hip flexors and sit-ups will become easier tightening the muscle instead of the flexors.

There are different kinds of exercises that are helpful o strengthen and mobilize hip flexors, they are

  1. Double leg Curl
  2. Supine Gravity Stretch

By going through these dynamic exercises regularly you can be free in your hip flexors and loosen them to increase your muscle strength in the hip portion. These exercises are proven to be effective if done regularly on a perfect time basis that can be early morning daily or in the evening time after intake of some nutrients. Nutrients should be taken on a regular basis to get some good results in the body and strengthening body muscles.…

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